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1. Use precision laser technology to provide fast, easy and accurate measurements.
2. Provide measurements of length, area, and volume in inches, feet, and metric units.
3. When you move to or away from the target, the continuously updated measurements are displayed.
4. Ideal for interior decoration/renovation, floor and wall covering, real estate assessment.
5. Pocket size for easy carrying.

1. Maximum measuring distance: 40m.
2. Distance measurement accuracy: +/- 2mm.
3. Measurement unit selection: m/in/ft.
4. Continuous measurement function: Yes.
5. Area measurement function: Yes.
6. Surface accumulation plus function: Yes.
7. Volume measurement function: Yes.
8. Pythagorean measurement function: 4 modes.
9. Addition and subtraction measurement function: Yes.
10. Horizontal bubble: Yes.
11. Maximum/minimum measurement: Yes.
12. Maximum storage: 30 pens.
13. Backlighting: Yes.
14. Button sound prompt: Yes.
15. Sound off function: Yes.
16. Laser rating: II.
17. Laser type: 635nm, less than 1mW.
18. Automatic laser cutting: 20s.
19. Auto power off: 150s.
20. Storage temperature range: -20-60 degrees Celsius.
21. Operating temperature range: 0-40 degrees Celsius.
22. Storage humidity: RH is 85 percent.
23. Use battery: 15V 2 x AAA (not included).
24. Dimensions: 112x50x25mm.

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