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1. Powerful inner core,accurate measurement.
2. Powerful laser enhancement point.
3. Automatic leveling &Alarm cue,AC and DC dual use.
4. Anti falling and dust,strong waterproof.
5. 1 perpendandicular line + 1 horizontal line+1 bright spot
6.can be hung on the wall,Any highly available
7.Light and practical easy to carry
8. Due to transportation reasons, the product does not contain batteries.

8.Retate 360 degrees of freedom
9.Automatic alignment, automatic alarm uneven product,Smart convenient, more efficient

1. LOMVUM Laser level is a control tool consisting of a laser beam projector.
2. LOMVUM laser beam is fanned to produce a thin plane beam accurately horizontal or vertical.
3. Laser levels are used wherever accurate verticals and horizontals are required, typically in the construction and cabinetry industries.

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