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Name: Laser PM2.5 Detector
Color: Red
Material: PC/ABS
Dimension: 74×23×54mm (2.9×1×2.1")
Language: Chinese
Sensor: Laser PM2.5 sensor
Sampling method: Fan input
PM2.5 measuring range: 0~999
PM2.5 accuracy: ±10%
Resolution of PM diameter: 0.3μm
Response time: Real-time display
Battery type: 500mAh Lithium battery
Battery life: 180min
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Effective using time: 20000 hours
- High precision laser sensing.
- Real-time feedback.
- Easy to read. Multiple pages show each different indices.
- Small and portable, suitable for all kinds of scenes such as home, car, office.
Package include:
1 x Laser PM2.5 Detector
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable

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