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1. This instrument is a digital anemometer for measuring the temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, wind speed and air volume of the environment.
2. This instrument is a portable and professional measuring instrument with large-screen LCD digital display, backlight, multi-unit switching and other functions.
3. The meter can be hand-held or fixed.
4. The meter has functions such as reading hold, maximum and minimum values.
5. With low battery indication and USB real-time data upload function.

1. Size: 165x85x38mm
2. Weight: 200g.
3. Display: LCD.
4. Maximum display value: 9999.
5. Working power: 9V x1 6F22 battery.
6. Working height: up to 2000m.
7. Working mode: Wind speed frequency conversion.
8. Sampling time: about 0.4 seconds / time.
9. Battery undervoltage indication: LCD display, symbol.
10. Working temperature: relative humidity, from zero to eighty percent
RH has no condensation. Temperature, 0-40 degrees Celsius, no condensation.
11. Storage temperature: relative humidity, from zero to eighty-five percent RH without condensation. Temperature, -10-50 degrees Celsius, no condensation.

The package includes:
Digital anemometer x 1
USB cable x 1
CD software x 1
Carrying bag x 1
English manual x 1

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