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Rough adjustment/fine tuning Dual mode, fast and precise adjustment
The number of revolutions can be set to 1-80 circles
Quick mode, quick test product
Automatic curve mode, aging products

Passive two-wire Current Loop Signal Generator Compatible with 3 and 4-wire System

Technical indicators:

1.1  Power supply voltage: 15V—30V;
1.2  Output range4-20mA/3-21mA;
1.3  Display mode Real Current / 0-100.0%/ 0-50.0Hz;
1.4  Sampling resistanceLess than 500 ohms;
1.5  Output accuracy±0.5%;Display accuracy: 0.01;
2  Wiring diagram(Working Principle of Current Loop):

Package Include:

1 x JS-420ISG-V2 Signal Generator

Detail Pictures:

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