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PD3.0 protocol current voltage trigger:
Automatically store the current-voltage model No: PD3.0-R
This product can support PD3.0 compatible 2.0 protocol. By sending PD protocol to PD charger or PD power bank and other PD equipment, it can trigger 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V quick charging voltage for various aging testing good or Bad quality, identification of voltage and current power.
Enter TYPE-C input male or female to your PD charger charging PD power bank etc. If the PD protocol handshake is successful, the OK light will light up. You can send the protocol voltage (Eg. 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V) of different gears by clicking the button, long press or double click. The PD protocol is sent in turn; the power-off can memorize the current voltage value and the turn-by-turn mode, and the next time the power is turned on, the last memory is loaded and loaded to facilitate high-volume testing and aging of the production, thereby improving production efficiency.
Panel introduction:

A/A1.  Type-C Input (USB C input, PD charger or PD power supply)
B. OK! Light: This light is on, indicating that the PD protocol broadcast data is successfully received, and the protocol handshake is successful.
C. Digital tube display, When the output is no load, only the voltage is displayed. When the output has loaded, the voltage and current are displayed in turn.
D. USB output (can be connected to the load).
E. V-function button, click to send voltage to downshift protocol, double click or long press is to send 20V-15V-12V-9V-5V PD trigger protocol in turn.
​F. Click to add the voltage to the protocol, double-click or long-press to send the 5V-9V-12V-15V-20V PD trigger protocol in turn.
Tip 1: This time, the power-off memory function has been added to meet the purpose of the fast simulation test of the production line in the mass production of fast-charge equipment. That is, the measurement mode is memorized in the memory, and the memory data is called out next time. Automatically enter the same mode before, which can greatly shorten the test time reduction step and improve the production test efficiency.
Tip 2: This time added a special voltage memory function, that is, the voltage value that you manually adjust after power-off, the next time you re-energize the system will call the previously stored protocol and voltage data, intelligent automatic transmission of the corresponding protocol activated or In the last storage of the same voltage value, the fast charge device can use the voltage value induced by the instrument as the power supply for other devices (of course, the adapter can be perfectly replaced when the total power is satisfied), so that idle Charging equipment can also be used as an environmentally friendly application for other power sources.

Package includes:

1 x Tester
1 x 150W Constant Current Load

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