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1. The current meter is compact and exquisite in appearance. The mounting hole is fully compatible with the 85L17 pointer ammeter.
2, range 0-10A, AC current directly into the table, no transformer / shunt.
3. Use AC 220V lighting power directly as power source.
4, using automatic SMD process manufacturing, exquisite workmanship.
5, fully enclosed housing, installation size compatible 85L17 pointer table, can be directly interchangeable.
6. Note: This kind of electrical instrument needs to be installed by professionals who understand electrician and electronics. Please be cautious to purchase ordinary consumers whose installation and use are unknown.

Technical Parameters:
Dimensions:  Length 75x Width 43x Height 53mm
Measuring rangeAC0-10A (direct input)
Opening size68x38mm
Highest inputAC10A
Lead lengthwithout lead
Error: 1% error (+/- 1 word)
Net weight:  62g
Resolution rate 0.01A
Gross weight 70g (including packaging)
Display mode Three 0.56′′ LED digital tube
Display color red
Refresh rate is about 200mS/time
Power supply AC220V+/-10%
Current consumption is less than 20mA, generally 5-15mA
Working temperature-10 ° C ~ 65 ° C

Note: Do not connect the power supply and measurement incorrectly, otherwise a direct short circuit may cause damage to the meter or other accidents.

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1 x Current Meter

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