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Product features: night vision lamp with lighting
Material: chrome vanadium alloy steel / ABSinsulating plastic
Scope of application: suitable for detecting12-250v ac and dc current and simply detectingzero line, phase line and breakpoint of ac current,as well as non-live conductor and on-off
Circuit on-off test:
Press the "inductive breakpoint test" button, thecharged symbol is the phase line, if there is a
breakpoint in the live circuit, move the test pen, thepoint where the charged symbol disappears is thebreak point
Special attention: measuring AC voltage can not exceed 250V !!!
Battery model: AG10 (1.5V) X3 (Batteries included)
Product size: 143mm X 26mm X 18.7mm
                         5.63in X 1.02in X 0.73in
Package Includes:
1 x ANENG VD700 Voltage test pen
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