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 The appearance is concise, efficient, beautiful and generous
  wide frequency band,High sensitivity, 100KHz-1000MHz can be tested
  pointer amplitudeAdjustable! (to protect headers)
  the built-in automatic damping function is the function of buffering, prevent hand swing caused by excessive damage
  small size, easy to carry!Size: 90*115*70mm (excluding raised antenna section)
 Test sensitivity:
1, 0.1W transmitter distance 0.1-1 meters
2, 2W/5W transmitter, 1-3 meters range.
3, 10W transmitter is 2-5 meters awayRange.
4,50W about 3-10 metersRange
With HP8921A radio integrated test instrument, the sensitivity is -20dbm, just starting table, -2dbm can be full table (video rate is different, sensitivity will vary)
Instructions for use:
Before use, please adjust the "amplitude adjustment" to the far left, the length of the antenna should be based on the frequency of the test, as far as possible 1/4 wave is better, handheld walkie talkie from the field strength meter about, do not be too close! In case the signal is too strong, burn out the field strength instrument! Then press the walkie talkie PTT button, so that the walkie talkie into the launch state, at this time the field strength indicator pointer should be signal, the stronger the signal, the greater the instructions!
Range adjustment: such as the field strength instrument, pointer indicator beyond the maximum range, you can adjust the "range adjustment", so that the pointer to the appropriate location,
Method of testing maximum gain point of antenna
1, in order to change the frequency conveniently, you should select the frequency walkie talkie with the keyboard manually.
2, connect the walkie talkie and antenna feeder, place the field strength instrument near the antenna (depending on the environment), as far as possible in the vertical radiation angle of the antenna, and plan the antenna in the same way.
3, set up the interphone frequency, press the firing key, observe the meter reading, and register the frequency meter reading. Then set the walkie talkie to other frequency points, and again let the radio into the launcher, watch the meter readings, and then compare the readings of each frequency point! The optimum frequency / segment of the antenna to be measured can be obtained!

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1 x  Field Strength Meter

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